CASTBoston benefits from its unique relationship with the Stonybrook Fine Arts Facility. CASTBoston clients have use of the Stonybrook facilities, equipment, tools and supplies, and are taught by Stonybrook's skilled instructors. CASTBoston seeks to be able to award highest quality instruction, training and advanced education in various modalities of the arts. We are dedicated to providing an arts education to people who do not have sufficient access to art facilities or instruction due to lack of funds, education or a lack of access to education.  An intimate relationship with Stonybrook Fine Arts enables CASTBoston to provide safe, enjoyable instruction within an established art institution. This affiliation enables students and participants to work with the best, established and practical resources.

Morris demonstrating welding skills in the shop.  To see morris' "JUNK ART" WELDED pieces, FIGURE SCULPTURES and stone carvings, please visit his website:

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